La Cabrera

Yesterday was two important events: Christine’s birthday and the Labour Day Classic in Regina between my Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Only one has relevance to this post, so I’ll just tell you now: apparently it was quite a good game.

Anyway, as a special dress-up night for the birthday, we made our way over to Palermo Hollywood to visit a cornerstone of the area (so I’m told) – the La Cabrera steakhouse. There are actually two within a block of one another – the original a bit more rustic and the newer, more chic one on a corner nearby. After a bit of confusion regarding our reservations (the second time in a week and a half, what’s going on with us in this city?) we got a small table near the door.

English and Spanish wafted around us with the smell of grilling beef and the clink of silverware. Numerous people had recommended the place to us, and of those, most had recommended the ojo de bife (ribeye) and the bife de chorizo (sirloin). We had both had numerous sirloins in this country, but, funny enough, had never tried the ribeye, so decided to go for that one. You may notice that I said we – warnings had been issued beforehand that we would not need two plates, warnings that proved true.

As you can see, the giant hunk of beef arrived surrounded by a plethora of side dishes, intended to be eaten alongside the steak. Don’t forget the fried eggs! We had dishes such as (starting on the wood from the back) a type of cream corn, some garbanzo beans, quail eggs, a tangy sauce with olives, a delicious ratatouille (with peanuts! Great idea!), and brussel sprouts with tomatoes and peanuts. Moving up to the tray above, starting at 3:00 and going clockwise, there was squash, another garbanzo bean thing, beans (Chris thought they tasted almost exactly like baked beans), cooked garlic cloves, applesauce, peas and ham in gravy, and mashed potatoes in the middle. Hoo! Add all this to delicious bread, some cheese and sausage served as appetizers, and that huge hunk of beef and you can understand why we were stuffed at the end of the night.

On top of all this, it being Chris’ birthday, we had to order dessert. The chocolate truffle ice cream won out, and boy, was it a winner. Delectable chocolate surrounding handmade dulce de leche surrounded by red fruit and whipped cream, this one would be recommended to anyone with even a hint of a sweet tooth.

I also want to make a special mention of the service. Aside from our initial mix-up (I think they wrote down the number of people wrong, because everything else was the same), our waiter was absolutely stellar, something much less common than one would like here.

Prices are higher than your typical parilla, but for good reason – it’s good food. Also, due to the fact that there is no way for one person to consume any one item on the menu by themselves, the cost is essentially half of what is on the menu, which is nice at the end of the night. We even saw a group of backpackers taking in a totally affordable high-class delicious dinner.

Reservations are absolutely required and I can see why. La Cabrera is a neighbourhood standby and will continue to be so long into the future.

La Cabrera, Cabrera 5099, 4831-7002


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