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Alright, so we started this blog near the end of our time in Buenos Aires, making it hard to do a lot of restaurant reviews for the city. Nonetheless, we’ve experienced a few good places that we’d love to pass on. If you’d like a full review, the odds are pretty good that Dan has done a review of it – check out his list of restaurants by cuisine with links to his reviews. Without further ado, here’s a list of places we’ve been that we haven’t covered here (for those, check out our restaurant section):

  1. First and foremost, though it may seem like he’s paying me (he’s not), I think anyone who likes food should go to Casa Saltshaker while they’re in Buenos Aires. Dan does such a great thing for the city, for food, and for the social wonder of food that it’s a loss not to go there.
  2. Cumaná – Wonderful little place with great stews. Great place to go when it’s cold outside, but get there early, it’s very popular. Also, the stews look small, but warned: they will fill you up fast. Recoleta, Rodriquez Peña 1149.
  3. La Aromática – I intended to write a review for this place but just never got the chance. I even had pictures! We discovered this little place after thinking we were heading for the Russian restaurant – same place, same phone number, different restaurant! – and fell in love. Small, simple meal, cheap prices, great atmosphere, excellent daquiris – this place is a secret little treasure in Almagro. Bulnes 873, 4866- 2300.
  4. Vegetarian buffet – I don’t actually know the name of this place, but it’s Chinese (Taiwanese, actually!) and serves great vegetarian food. They just expanded, so there’s lots of room, but it fills up fast after 9:30 and the food doesn’t get replaced as quickly (plus all the popular dishes disappear), so get there early if you want to eat well. Almagro, on Corrientes, though I don’t remember the exact number. It’s about two blocks east of Medrano on the north side of the street.
  5. Carlito’s – Best Peruvian in town. That I’ve had, anyway. Carlitos seems to be a hub for the Peruvian community in town – after the earthquake in Lima, there were large numbers of people in there during the day. This was only different in the timing – in the evening, there are large numbers of people consuming the delicious fare they have to offer. Ají de gallina (creamed chicken? I don’t know the English for this dish, but it’s terrific), yummy cordero (goat), and a great ceviche (raw fish ‘cooked’ with lime juice – you’ll be seeing more of this dish when we’re in Peru) are just a few of the great dishes this place has to serve. There’s a line every weekend – always a good sign. And it’s close to Abasto, so you can digest while watching a movie! Two for the price of one. Almagro, Corrientes 3070.
  6. Cafe San Juan – We found out about this place from the owners of The Cocker when we stayed there as a long-awaited prize from a photo contest. It’s a rather upscale place with a new menu every night. In fact, they don’t have menus – the server brings you a chalkboard with the evening’s dishes on them. Great food. San Telmo, San Juan 450, 4300-1112.
  7. La Cocina – A terrific little Catamarcan restaurant on Puerrydón that has some great locro and empanadas. We stopped in once just out of interest and were rather pleasantly surprised. The empanadas were good, the locro was really tasty and was even served with a bit of chili oil on top to give it a kick. Barrio Norte, Pueyrredon 1508.
  8. Ok, I’m out of names here, but I’ve still got a couple of places to recommend. Mendocino restaurant. This place is open for dinner downtown (somthing not all that common!). Not everything is great – the beef is rather lackluster, for example – but the pastel de humita is divine and the pastelito de queso like a sweet cheese empanada. Very, very good. The owner also has a cookbook out that has some great recipes sometimes told through stories – this is one of our regional cookbooks now. San Telmo, Bolivar 747 Update: We stayed at a hostel across the street from this place and they’ve closed down. Too bad.
  9. Lastly, another locro place – I think this one was salteño (from Salta). It’s on Agüero at French or so on the east side of the street. Another great little place: some of the best locro I’ve had in Buenos Aires, humitas, and tamales. To be honest, it’s been almost a year since I’ve been there, so there’s a chance that it may not be open, but it’s definitely worth a look. Barrio Norte, Agüero and French, east side of the street.

I think that’s about it. Enjoy and buen provecha!


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