meat, please, and lots of it

I just have to share what I observed tonight. We were sitting at a parrilla (grill) and a carload of people drive up. They take a large platter and container out of the trunk and bring it up to the counter of the place. We joke that they brought it up and said, ¨Fill it with meat.¨, Uruguay being the other home of the best beef in the world. Fifteen minutes later, they take the platter away STACKED with huge cuts of cooked meat, load it into the car, and drive off.

I’m glad they didn’t hear me, as I would have been eating my words, and they would have been nowhere near the delicious asado (a cut of beef rom somewhere on the back, I think) I had.

As a side note, they also had these delicious pickles as an accompaniment. They were pickels done in the style that I’ve had down here before – vegetables tossed in garlic. However, they had also tossed a hot pepper in and WOW what a difference. I’m trying that some time. This could be something fantastic in the world of pickling.


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