empanada update

Well, we’ve sampled a few empanadas from different places since the last update. Here are the results:

In Paysandú, Uruguay, we discovered an empanada clearinghouse or something. They had more kinds of empanadas than I’ve ever seen in one place. Here’s a list of the ones we tried (we went twice – they were that good!)

  • corn
  • beef (with raisins, eggs, and beef)
  • chilena (meat, raisins, green olives, tabasco sauce)
  • arab (beef, onion, parsley, tomato, green pepper. cooked with an opening in the top)
  • copetín (ham and cheese – these were tiny little mini-empanadas)
  • vegetable (acelga and a white sauce)
  • greek (cheese, oregano, black olives)
  • lebanese (cheese, parsley, onion)
  • vegetarian onion (onion, gr. pepper, olives, eggs)
  • gallega (tuna, gr. olives, tomato sauce)
  • salteña (beef, raisins, hot pepper)
  • roquefort (blue cheese, celery, walnuts)
  • dulce de leche

Favourites: Chilena (can’t wait to go to Chile! Spicy empanadas! Whoo!), arab (we had these in Tucumán and loved them there), and gallega (tuna in empanadas – who would’ve thought they’d be this good?). Best empanada place in Uruguay, and on the trip so far.

We have also had the chance to try empanadas in some other provinces in Argentina. In Rio Gallegos in Santa Cruz (the southernmost province in continental Argentina), we picked up some so-so empanadas made with chopped meat (a cuchillo in Spanish). They were definitely not the mouth-watering creations promised in the guidebook. Also, in Punta Arenas in Chile (the southernmost we ventured, on the same latitude as Edmonton), we picked up some vegetable empanadas which were amazingly good. Corn, acelga, and carrot combined for a tasty treat while we waited for the bus.

That brings us up to date on the empanada trail. Stay tuned for more delicious adventures.

One response to “empanada update

  1. You missed the “tucumana” empanada. Also Tucumán is the place where National Empanada Festival takes place every year.
    More info: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empanada#Tucumanas

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