patagonian lamb

We had heard about (and tried last year, thanks to our friend Alan, who is from Patagonia) the sweet, sweet Patagonian lamb down in the south of Argentina. For New Year’s Eve, it was an unbelievably delicious feast. Understandably, we wanted it again.

We decided to go for a recommended place – xxx (don’t have the name on me right now) in Trelew, just outside of Puerto Madryn. We really got in by chance, having arrived Sunday and finding the restaurant closed then and Monday as well. Tuesday at lunch we managed to slip in. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but not expensive either. Still, we split this and a surprisingly delicious Caesar salad to save for later dishes. There were, however, other delicious meals on the menu that I yearned to try. Next time, ha.

Anyway, the lamb was wonderful. In typical style, it was served by itself, though there was quite possibly the best chimichurri (a sauce made from oil, hot peppers, garlic, vinegar, and sometimes some other spices) I’ve ever had. Slightly salty, nice and tender, Chris and I took every last piece of meat off the bones. I can definitely recommend trying this if you’re in the area. Do the lamb!

A chance encounter in a kiosko also brought us in contact with lamb in CHIP FORM! There was also provolone cheese flavour. The lamb was good (though salty) and the cheese was merely so-so. However, lamb-flavoured chips is one of the more (though definitely not the most) out-there flavours I’ve encountered.


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