jauja – the best ice cream ever

Now, let’s get some qualification out of the way before anything else. First, Christine has been eating ice cream for a long time. I believe she actually had frozen milk in her first bottles – she comes from an ice cream-loving family, so she has experience in the ice cream field. Next, we’ve been in Argentina for a year and half now, sampling ice cream from various establishments all over Buenos Aires (though certainly not all of them) at a rate of about a quarter kilo of ice cream a week. We’ve had some experience with ice cream.

We may have found the best of it yet. Both of us declared it the best we’ve had in our lives, both in terms of quality and selection. To be honest, neither of us has been to Italy to try the gelato there, though I have heard the comparison made and the result has fallen for some on the Argentine side. (I guess we’ll have to reserve judgment on that until a further date).

That all said, this ice cream was amazing. Simply, truly, purely fantastic. The quality was right up there with anything we’ve tried in Buenos Aires (including the really, really expensive places) and the flavours just couldn’t be matched (due to the profusion of delicious wild berries in this region and the originality and imagination of the owners). Cinnamon. Cardamom. Dulce de leche with mulberries (my favourite, it works so well). A delicate blend of lemon and elderberry flowers (Chris’ favourite). And the list goes on.

We stopped here every single day just to sample more flavours. Of course we couldn’t get to them all, but we tried the ones that were new to us. Below are a couple of shots of flavours we tried:

(right) The right cone was mine with mate con tres de azucar y maqui (mate, a tea-like drink, with three sugars – it not only tasted right, it felt like mate – and a kind of fruit, no idea what it is in English) and Chris had dulce de leche con ciruelas del rhum y chocolate profundo (dulce de leche with plums soaked in rum and deep chocolate).

(Left) For me (right cone), Crema rusa con nueces y Higos con nueces (russian cream with walnuts and figs with walnuts) and Lim-sau y Chocolate amargo con naranjitas (an entriguing mixture of lemon with elderberry flower and dark chocolate with orange bits) for Chris.

(Left) I had (left cone) Dulce de leche con moras y Crema de mani (dulce de leche with mulberries (my favourite) and peanut cream) and Chris had Selva negra y Cafe (black forest and a strong coffee-flavoured ice cream – that isn’t the name, but I can’t remember it any more). I won the pairing war this day.

If you make it over to El Bolsón or Bariloche, you absolutely must try this ice cream. This isn’t a suggestion – even if you don’t like ice cream or are lactose intolerant, it is so good that it is worth vomiting for. That way you get it twice. It’s going to be hard to leave the ice cream in this country, but every place has its own delicious sweets. We’ll just have to get on finding a replacement that much quicker.

Jauja, located in El Bolsón and Bariloche, Argentina


2 responses to “jauja – the best ice cream ever

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  2. I’ve been to Italy and tried the gelato..and I’ve just returned from Argentina where I had tasted the JauJa ice cream in Bariloche and El Bolson..it is honestly the best ice cream in the world..gelato does not even compare.

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