stolen but not forgotten

“A thoroughly Spanish tradition,” Chris says, telling me about her exchange to Spain years ago and about the delicious churros that she ate with chocolate so thick that it wasn’t so much hot chocolate as melted bars of chocolate. This Spanish tradition carries on here today, especially on national, ‘tradition’ days like May 25th and July 9th (in fact, we were treated to free hot chocolate and churros when we turned up for the July 9th parade last year).

One of the last places I would expect to find wonderfully delicious hot chocolate and churros, then, would be the gateway to the Welsh enclave, Puerto Madryn, yet we found ourselves in Quemehuencho (I have to get the name, I’m sorry, I don’t remember it) more than once, relaxing and enjoying a hot chocolate with cinnamon and cloves and some stuffed churros. Apple, dulce de leche, chocolate baths – there is certainly a good selection in this joint. The environment is quiet and subdued in gentle browns and tans. The bathrooms are even in on the joke, labelled churros and churras. If you’re in Puerto Madryn checking out the whales, definitely stop by for a bit of Spanish comfort.

Quemehuencho, R. Saenz Peňa 212, Puerto Madryn, Argentina


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