the lomito

The lomito is a very common, very simple lunch item in Argentine cuisine: the steak sandwich. As with anything available almost anywhere, one can find a variety of levels of quality. I can’t say I’ve always had great lomitos (I haven’t), but I’ve tried a few. The ones we had in the small town of Tunuy√°n, however, really took the cake. Tomato, lettuce, egg, mayo, spicy sauce (this never happens, and it was so good), and of course steak between two pieces of bread with a cold beer really topped off a hard week on the farm nicely. It also put a very definite end to the vegetarian diet we had been observing during the week. Well, win some lose some.

4 responses to “the lomito

  1. My dad used to order lomitos (lomitoes???) all the time when I was a kid. At the time I didn’t appreciate the awesomeness, but now? Mmmm… I’m drooling just thinking about biting into a juicy flank of lean steak, hard bread, a greasy fried egg cooked in too much oil… Great pic!

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