the lomito

The lomito is a very common, very simple lunch item in Argentine cuisine: the steak sandwich. As with anything available almost anywhere, one can find a variety of levels of quality. I can’t say I’ve always had great lomitos (I haven’t), but I’ve tried a few. The ones we had in the small town of Tunuyán, however, really took the cake. Tomato, lettuce, egg, mayo, spicy sauce (this never happens, and it was so good), and of course steak between two pieces of bread with a cold beer really topped off a hard week on the farm nicely. It also put a very definite end to the vegetarian diet we had been observing during the week. Well, win some lose some.


4 responses to “the lomito

  1. My dad used to order lomitos (lomitoes???) all the time when I was a kid. At the time I didn’t appreciate the awesomeness, but now? Mmmm… I’m drooling just thinking about biting into a juicy flank of lean steak, hard bread, a greasy fried egg cooked in too much oil… Great pic!

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