what else we’re eating on the road

Eating while traveling can be an interesting adventure at times. In much poorer countries, you eat in restaurants all the time – hostels rarely provide a kitchen to use and food is pretty cheap. However, in Chile and Argentina, hostel do often come with a kitchen which is helpful when trying to save money and/or lessen the meaty impact on one’s diet. Occasionally you get a kitchen expert who, if you’re really lucky, will share their secrets with you or cook for everyone if materials are provided. We had one such stroke of luck while in El Bolsón, staying with an Austrian who wanted to try making knödel for everyone. Apparently, it’s an Austrian favourite – go there and you’ll find it everywhere. All it is is old bread and spices cooked together then boiled – rather like giant round dumplings. These accompanied a wonderful mushroom goulash. Doesn’t it look delicious?

We also had a lot of good, plain food at the farm. Here’s a dish that was actually made by some of our coworkers – a simple, rich squash soup. Patch spiced up the presentation by throwing in a few chopped beets, a bit of chopped parsley on top, then dribbling a garlic and basil sauce. Simple steps to make some that was delicious look that much more appealing. And when do you get to see colours like that in food? Not often!

Hopefully more of this to come!


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