other latin american food

Just because we’ve been in Argentina for all this time doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy food from the rest of the continent!

This photo is a a very typical Colombian meal – beans, rice, fried plantains, egg, meat – that we enjoyed at Antojito with close friends, including two who had never tried Colombian before. Five of us chowed down on a selection of plates suggested by the owner: this dish, another plate of varied foods like this (sorry, can’t remember what there was on it), a guiso (stew) called sancochomade from a bunch of root vegetables, corn, meat, and some other delicious things, with appetizers of a kind of bread called arepa made from corn with cheese in the middle and home-made pig skins, made from real pig skin! In fact, when one examined it closer, one could still see hair not quite fully scraped away from the skin. Good eatin’, though. We also sampled (and will sample again in the future) aguadiente, which is similar to caña – cane sugar liquor.

Antojito is a family owned joint, it seems – dad is owner and head waiter and greeter, son is a waiter, mom is the chef. As we were finishing up, one of our group joked that she’d kill for the recipe of the guiso. The waiter told us to hold on a minute and brought his mother out to tell us. Not only did she give us a basic run-down of what to do, she wrote it down so that we could have it after we left. Obviously she didn’t give us every last thing (her description was full of, “Oh, just toss some of this in,”), but it’s a place to start! I’ll post it when I get it (the list was taken by another member).

There is another Colombian place nearby called La Aromatica, which I’ll provide the info for, but it was closed the entire month we were here in Buenos Aires this time. Too bad – it’s a tiny little intimate place with great food and nice people. Hopefully it opens back up soon – maybe they’re just enjoying summer vacation.

Lastly, we are also staying in the Peruvian area (very close to where we were living before), and though we visited this area often (Peruvian food is probably my favourite that I’ve tried down here so far), I’ve never written about it. No pictures, but I’ll describe some of our favourite dishes briefly from one of our favourite restaurants, Carlitos. Chris’ favourite by far is called ahí de gallina, shredded chicken in a yellow pepper sauce common in Peru, while I often had cabrito (goat), which was hit or miss – sometimes it came falling off the bone, sometimes it took a little chewing. It always came with delicious beans, though.

We’ve sampled a few other dishes from there as well – chifa, for one, which is Chinese-Peruvian (mostly Chinese, but good Chinese), considered part of Peru since Chinese labourers settled there over a century ago. We’ve also tried the ceviche – raw fish ‘cooked’ in lime juice with hot peppers and onions – and some other fish dishes (Peruvians love their seafood).

Of course, more about these dishes will come as we hit the countries, it’s just great to be able to get ourselves excited about them beforehand and enjoy them without having to leave the city.

Antojito, Córdoba 3883, 4867-6312
La Aromatica, Bulnes 873, 4866- 2300
Carlitos, Corrientes 3070, 4867-2531 / 4861-6440


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  1. Thanks for the info about the Peruvian places in BA (plus the other two). Enjoy your time in Argentina!


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