Look like Chinese food? It is. There is a rather large Chinese population in Peru and the food they make is rather tasty and nice alternative to the meat and potatoes that are common eats here. There are dishes that are like American Chinese food, like sweet-and-sour dishes, fried rice (called chaufa, thanks for the correction, Dan), noodles, wontons, and so forth. There are a couple of dishes that mix the two cultures, the most famous one being lomo saltado – stir-fried beef with onions and peppers. They’re all delicious in my opinion.

One thing you can always be sure of finding in any town is chifa – we decided to have it twice in one day in a tiny town while we made our ways between towns. Just keep an eye out for the odd Chinese character or the ever-obvious CHIFA sign hanging over a door.


3 responses to “chifa

  1. “Chifa” is the local version of the chinese “chi fan” which literally means “eat rice”, but in practice means “casual restaurant”… fried rice should be “arroz chaufa” or just “chaufa”, not “chifa”, and is the local name for “chau fan” or “fried rice”.

  2. That’s right, I forgot. Already too long away. Thanks for the correction!

  3. Their “Chaufa” (fried rice) is and taste very different than the american –, it’s kinda different and other disches too

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