I’ve already written a post about the typical South American lunch, but I wanted to give a special mention to Ecuador. Not for its variety, but for it’s…let’s call it regularity. Every meal included rice. Every. Single. One. Well, except if you ordered your food in liquid form (soup or stew or something like that).

Despite the large range of food available in the country, in the mountains it would almost always consist of chicken or beef (sometimes fish if you were lucky) fried or baked with beans or lentils on the side. Fried plantains were often included – I couldn’t get enough of those. A soup was served first – usually something brothy with corn and potatoes.

I am a man of habit. I can eat the same thing day in day out for days on end. This, however, even started to get to me (except for the plantains). Luckily, Quito has a large range of foreign food (and chain restaurants, if you’re feeling homesick) – Indian, Chinese, vegetarian (that really is foreign here) – to help break up the monotony. Can’t beat the price, however – we never paid more than $2 for one of these meals, and they were sometimes big enough for us to share one between us.

This one was particularly huge.


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