breakfast time!

Breakfast has been an interesting affair down here – up to Colombia, it existed, but typically the same things were eaten as at lunch and dinner. At least, the same ingredients were used. Rice, eggs, french fries, vegetables, empanadas (well, salteñas in Bolivia) – all of these were fair game for breakfast.

In Ecuador, however, things changed. People still sometimes have those things, but coffee, eggs, juice, and bread is much more common. The bread is called Pan de Ambato and can be found at any breakfast restaurant. I loved it. It was often served with the slightly salty white cheese they use so much with everything. I have a recipe and will post it if I have time to translate it. I can’t do off-the-cuff so well anymore!

In Colombia, we lost the bread, but arepas made their way into our diet. They can be eaten at any time of day (and are!), but are often found hot at breakfast. They’re as if cornbread and pancakes had a baby (that’s from Chris. She has a way with words). You can buy them just plain (often from bakeries like this) or with cheese cooked between them. If you get them this way, it’s usually fresh off the grill with a little butter and salt on them. Wow, was this good, way better than I thought. I hope we have a recipe for that somewhere…

Lastly, yogurt made an appearance in a big way, starting in northern Peru. All different flavours as well, different to us, but that’s because they were done with local fruits. Mulberry/blackberry and custard apple were two new ones for us (in addition to ‘regular’ flavours’), and Christine took a shine to a cinnamon oatmeal drink, as it was called. It was like thin oatmeal and really quite tasty. So many good ideas down here only available to us for a short time! Such is travel.

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