i believe colombia is made of seafood

When we arrived on the coast up in Santa Marta, we were virtually inundated with delicious seafood. The shrimp cazuela, shown here, contained more shrimp than I have ever seen in one dish in my life. I think back home it probably would have cost upwards of $20. Here, it was about three or four. That was for a half-order. There was no way we could eat a full order, accompanied, as it was, by rice and french fries. Really tasty and creamy without being fishy, this dish was a winner and brought us back (the litre of juice for three dollars did as well.)

Every evening, as well, we would walk down to the beach and get a cup of seafood cocktail made with your choice of octopus, shrimp, manta ray, and/or scallop and their special sauce. Sitting on the ocean wall with one of these and a cold beer was about the best way to see the sun go down. There were vendors selling rice pudding as well for dessert if you could catch them. Tropical heaven? I’d say so.


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