american candy and snacks

Across the border and into the good old U.S.A., home to thousands of different kinds of candy: Hershey, Mars, and, of course, Pez. We visited the Pez museum in Easton, Pennsylvania, where the collection of tiny dispensers and candy was dwarfed by the giant Crayola factory and museum next door. It cost a lot less to see and had much better story capacity. There was the Carrottop Pez (with large amounts of orange hair), the The-Shining-Jack-Nicholson Pez, and numerous other Pez (the official plural of Pez is Pez). Every kind of Pez you could buy anywhere was available in the shop, including chocolate Pez, which none of us had ever tried before. It wasn’t great. I rather fancied it to taste like a Tootsie Roll, to be honest. Still, visiting the home of a candy icon was pretty terrific.

Fast forward to New York, where you can get anything you want at almost any time. Candy, of course, must be included in that list of desires, and we were introduced to the wonders of Dylan’s Candy Bar by a friend who used to live only a few blocks away from it many years ago. Almost any candy you could desire – and not only American ones – can be found at your sticky fingertips.

You can indulge in your favourite boxes and bars at what I called the name-brand counter, fill up bag after bag of Jelly Bellies with every flavour they offer, peer at the signed candy bags left by visiting stars, seeing what the rich and famous snack on, or just go wild, grab a bulk bag, and suddenly find yourself at the checkout, paying $40 for a bag of sugar. It didn’t happen to us, but I’m sure others have paid for sweet rampages.

There’s also an adult section upstairs as well as a candy party room in which kids (or adults) can have sugar-fueled birthday parties and be served ice cream, milkshakes, and – you guessed it – candy! The aforementioned friend noted her desire to have one some day. I hope I’m invited.

Lastly, for snacks, one can’t visit New York and not have a pretzel. We had one right outside of Dylan’s.

They are also fun to play with.

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