a real english (and irish!) breakfast

While I was visited, Adam made sure to take me out to Mick’s down the street for a real English breakfast. Beans, toast, egg, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, coffee – it was all there and guaranteed to fill up everything inside of me, including my arteries. The place opens at 5.30 every weekday and a little later on the weekends and always has people – a real working-man’s place (as much as Oxford has, anyway). Good, hearty food.

While I was in Ireland, Chris’s uncle did an Irish fry-up for me (which I’d had a taste of at an Irish restaurant in Glasgow, go figure) – blood pudding (the black sausage you see), bacon, sausage links, tomato, mushrooms, egg. Yum. Nothing like tonnes of meat to get you moving in the morning. It may not be good for you, but I can never turn down one of these humongous meals. I can see why the English and Irish jump at the chance to get them when they are traveling abroad.


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