so, you like chocolate?

I went for pride, but I found delicious chocolate.

That’s what happened when we went to Brighton, the site of England’s largest gay pride party (the parade was weak compared to New York’s). The party started in the early afternoon and went, I’m sure, until late at night, but what I remember about Brighton was Montezuma’s.

Montezuma’s was started by a husband and wife, ex-lawyers who decided they didn’t want to be lawyers anymore and went to South America and fell in love with chocolate there. The story I heard from a friend was that they were going to sell chocolates but their supply chain broke down and they were somewhat forced to start creating their own chocolates and importing directly. Hard to know. Whatever the history, the chocolates they make are incredible. Their bars can be bought on one shelf by region and on another shelf by percentage of cocoa. Others are combinations – I bought Chris an orange and germanium bar, which she has to herself because I think orange chocolate is gross. Their truffles – oh, their truffles – are mad mixtures that have worked out wonderfully. It was raining in the morning as we waited for the parade to begin, so we spent more than a little time perusing their cozy store.

A whole wall of truffles awaited us. Wasabi truffles? Tequila, chilies, and lime? Salted dulce de leche (real dulce de leche (they should know, having been to Argentina))? Lavender? Paprika? Masala curry with coconut? (The last one is my favourite truffle ever!) Many more sat waiting for hungry mouths, but we could only select so many. They were all wonderful. The staff was terrific, there were samples passed around, the wood interior seemed like someone’s cozy living room – it was just a wonderful place to spend a rainy Saturday morning.

They’re online, but if you’re ever in Brighton, Chichester, London, Winchester, or Kingston, they are definitely worth checking out. Have a Tiger’s Tooth for me. (The picture here are the paprika ones, just so you don’t buy the wrong ones!)


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