heart attack

This dish is ordered by asking for “niu pai mian” – beef steak noodles. We have christened it with the name “heart attack”. Why? Well, it starts with noodles flash-fried with mushroom gravy. A thin steak (other meats are available) is cooked up and an egg fried. The noodles are plopped on a searing hot plate (heated in the fire) with a little gravy, then the egg, then the beef. A little more gravy is added, plus a black pepper gravy if you like. It’s served to you still sizzling and here’s the secret: a little A-1 sauce unlocks the magic. It’s still good without, but it’s amazing with. They have it on the table sometimes, but we bring our own now on the off-chance there is none – it does happen and it’s a tragedy.

You also get egg drop corn soup and all the tea you can drink. Pretty slick! Not too high on the vegetable count, though. Oh, and other meats available include pork, goat, chicken, and other cuts of beef. There may be even more, but I don’t know the Chinese.

I’ll detail one location here, but there are quite a few of these around town, you just have to know what they look like. This is our favourite.

Heart Attack
Yihua Road, east of Dachang, beside the Familymart on the south side of the road (outdoor sidewalk seating)
60-100NT per platter
Open 4pm – late, I think around midnight.


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