ramen, but not from a package

Ramen is known as a Japanese dish, but it’s actually Chinese in origin. These origins, however, are murky at best, and the Japanese have strongly developed this industry, so let’s just say that they’re all Japanese all the time.

In our first days here, some friends met us at a tiny little ramen place close to their apartment (and close to ours now). There were about ten different choices of ramen broths – miso, tomato, kimchi, spicy, and curry, to name a few. There are also a number of small side dishes and a few rice meals that can have popcorn chicken, curry, pork chop, or fish. These come with a couple of tiny shiao wan (literally, small dishes) of vegetables and some soup. Hot tea is complimentary.

The ambiance is nice (the TV is in the family’s apartment, not in the restaurant) with an eclectic mix of music always playing and it’s never packed, at least when we go. It does seem popular, however, and often has other people when we’re there. It’s a small place – only six tables – but then again, so are most Taiwanese restaurants, especially the treasures.

Japanese Ramen place (look for the sign on the east side that says Japan in Chinese)
on Chiouchang Road (Jiangong Road after it crosses Benguan Road)
Meals: 80NT (half-sized ramen) – 130NT.
Open lunch and dinner hours (11-2, 5-9, I believe)


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