It’s almost the end of the strawberry season and I’m only getting around to posting this now. Ha! Well, at least we’ve been enjoying the strawberries while they’ve been around. It’s too hot for strawberries to grow for more than half of the year here and atrociously expensive to import them (which is why they virtually disappear in the off months). However, from late November until mid-March, strawberries are everywhere.

Strawberry juice, strawberry milk, strawberry milk tea, strawberry pop, strawberry desserts, strawberries on a stick covered in syrup – virtually any way you can have strawberries, they do it here. Mom fell in love with strawberry milk while she was here. I still love it and order that and pretty much only that from juice stands for four months. Someone at a seed shop even convinced our manager that because we were in the middle of strawberry season, it was fine to buy seeds and plant them. Little did she realize how much time and work strawberries require. Oh well, the kids forgot about them a couple of weeks later.

That’s all. Just wanted to update you on the wonderfulness of strawberries. I’m preparing myself for the two months of neither strawberries nor mangoes. I’m sure I’ll find a way to get through it…

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