Doritos and sauce: a photo journey inside the box

One idea, two boxes, two tastes.

“Pepperoni Corn Chip with a splash of Mexican salsa dipping sauce create the ultimate pizza sensation”. I don’t know if I’d say it created the ultimate pizza sensation, but then again, do pizza chips really taste like pizza?

Contents: One Good Taste dipping sauce (excellent, wouldn’t want anything I do to be in bad taste), one bag of Doritos in a strangely alien silver bag. With instructions.

The final product. I was happier with these than I thought I would be. Not an ultimate pizza experience, but a decent chips and fake salsa experience. Onwards to chocolate.

Preparing for the chocolate GOOD TASTE salty mixing process.

Hm. The chocolate is not a good chocolate. It’s very cheap. Milky. Plasticky. I like salty-sweet mixes – DQ’s Peanut Buster Parfait is my favourite snack there – but this did not do it for me at all. Chris ended up finishing it.

Thus endeth the lesson. Moral? Sauces for chips should not come in little plastic sacks. Probably more, but that’s what I’m taking away from this.


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