korean bbq

Ah, the Korean BBQ. As with many imports here, not so much Korean as the Taiwanese idea of what a Korean BBQ should be like. Doesn’t stop one from enjoying it, however.

A group of us got together and decided to go to the big, flashy Korean BBQ in the north side of town for fun. Order a large amount of meat, free drinks and ice cream and popcorn and side dishes, hot pot on the side, and you’re stuffed. We had two grills going (there were about ten of us in total and at the peak, even two grills weren’t enough to keep up with demand) – one for seafood and one for other meat. There was also a hot pot (soup) going (you can see it at the top right of the picture) for those wanting soup and a few noodle and vegetable dishes floating around. Add in french fries and fried yams and a couple other snacky things and I think it’s easy to understand why we all waddled out.

The selection of meats was wonderful. Pork, beef, chicken, goat, entrails (Taiwanese are big into entrails), shrimp, fish, squid, octopus, and some unidentifiable dishes (by their English descriptions, anyway). Veggies were also available to a lesser degree (listed on the menu as “Raw vegetables (for wrapping the meat)”. Even the ice cream had a nice selection of a dozen flavours or so.

So, to review: lots of food, not so Korean, but still fun.

P.S. Entry #100! Celebrate by barbecuing something!


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