thai food – the original spicy

Some of my favourite Thai food that I’ve ever had – and that includes some of the stuff I’ve had in Thailand – is right here in Kaohsiung. A large part of that is because the restaurant I love here is run by a wonderful Thai woman who is dedicated to her food – she grows her own kaffir lime tree at her house, to give just one indication. Going to this restaurant is always a love, never a labour, as the food is just so. damn. good.

There is a giant menu of delicious food to enjoy at this place, but today I’m going to list three of our favourites. So much our favourites, in fact, that we order them almost exclusively. Every time we visit it’s just enough time to miss these beloved dishes, so we renew our contracts with them until our next visit.

We start with the shrimp cakes. Nice big fat ones (they also have thin little ones which provide more for a big group, but less satisfaction for a small twosome) with the sweet and spicy thai sauce. These disappear quickly. Always.

Next up: the pad thai. This isn’t the best pad thai I’ve ever had – that was from a couple at a cart on the side of the road in Bangkok, I can still remember it – but it satisfies nonetheless. They give the lemon, the peanuts, and the spicy mix on the sides just like in Thailand, though I miss the sugar a bit.

Lastly, the red chicken coconut curry. An absolute masterpiece down to the last drop of sauce lovingly licked off the plate. The perfect amount of spiciness every time, and I’m sure that if we ever wanted more (or less) it would not be a problem. Wonderful consistency, bits of basil and kafir lime dotting the brown and red landscape, and the coconut jumps through it all. I definitely haven’t had a better curry in Taiwan and I can only recall one as good in Thailand. Yeah, that good.

You’d be wronging yourself if you were in Kaohsiung and you didn’t visit this place. There’s more on the menu and I hope to explore it more if I ever manage to break the contract of this triad of dishes. Enjoy!

The Original Spicy
47 Fushing 2nd Rd.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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