deep-fried life

If there’s one thing the Taiwanese love, it’s fried things. Not quite like the way Americans fry things (curious breading of things that have no business being fried, frying just to prove it can be done), but most kinds of meat can be found deep-fried. In fact, there are frying buffet stands – select what you like (meat, fish balls, veggies, potato and yam fries) from the front, they drop it into oil and the back, and ta-da! Fried fun.

Two entries here. Fried cheese in one market – supposedly from around the world. Pumpkin cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella and tomato, some other European cheeses…. this was good, but I’d rather eat the cheese by itself.

On the other hand, I’ll eat deep-fried squid any time. This is good stuff. Squid is a popular snack at markets, especially close to the water like we are, so finding deep-fried squid isn’t a big surprise at all. It’s rather like calamari on a stick, except it isn’t in rings. Good eatin’.

Stay tuned for more deep-fried adventures!


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