peking duck

I tried Peking duck in Beijing many years ago when visiting a friend. They took me to a little hole-in-the-wall that the guidebooks recommended for good reason – it was authentic and well-done. I relished every bite – the sweet sauce, the crunchy green onions, the duck and its juices perfectly roasted, the tortilla-like wrapper keeping it all in. It ended too quickly. You can imagine my delight and chagrin when I drove by a corner stand and realized that I’ve been driving by this treasure for years without realizing what it was. I’d always wondered what those orange birds had been hanging there for. Now I had the knowledge but not the duck. This situation had to be resolved and resolved quickly.

We’ve gotten it from a couple of places in the meantime and both have been more than satisfactory. A half-duck (enough for two) costs just 200NT ($6US) and that includes sauce, green onions, wrappers, breast meat, and stewed other parts in a separate bag. Those parts are pretty tasty and some actually prefer them over the breast meat!

Once you get it home (no dining in), you sit down and make yourself up some delicious duck. Grab a wrapper, spread some sauce on or dunk some duck in it, add some green onion and you have a delicious treat in your hands. We worked through the breast meat without a problem, though the stewed duck had to wait until lunch the next day – there’s just so much meat! Everything was just as good as I remembered it. This is definitely a pick-up order we will be bringing home more often in the future!


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