sushi express

I love eating sushi. Especially here, as I know I will never be able to eat sushi this good for this cheap ever again in my life. Really, it’s almost better to get it here than Japan – it may be higher quality and more authentic there, but it’s also more expensive.

We do have a terrific sushi restaurant that does great set platters for cheap. I love it and we go as often as possible, leaving full and happy. This is not that place. However, Sushi Express has sushi on a conveyor belt. MOVING SUSHI! And it’s good as well, lots of different flavours. You can also order off the menu. Each plate here costs about $1US and the selection is almost anything you want (within reason). It’s fun to see the stack of plates after a family or a very hungry couple get up to leave.

We don’t visit the express all the time, but it’s a fun alternative and there’s one close by. Sometimes you just can’t beat a conveyor.


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