I loved the food when I was in Malaysian. Terrific stuff. We’ve driven by a restaurant close to our old apartment that wasn’t there when we were years back. They have really good set meals and we don’t go there enough. Good selection, some interesting choices, friendly staff – why don’t we go back?

This particular meal was both huge and delicious. I ordered chicken rendang with the set meal (soup, drink, fruit dessert). I’m a huge fan of beef rendang – we learned how to cook it in Indonesia and it nearly kills me from pleasure every time I eat it – so this was a natural order. This isn’t quite as good as the homemade one that populates some of my food dreams, but it was still quite good. A touch of spicy hot with the depth of flavour that makes rendang so delicious. It was interesting making it chicken as well, I’d only seen this dish with beef in the past. I liked it. As you can see, it has a number of side dishes – fresh cucumbers, fried onions and egg, rice, shrimp crackers – which all contribute to fill you up quite well.

Christine ordered the seafood laksa – a sort of curry soup with lots of tofu and veggies and noodles and seafood – clams, shrimp, fish balls, squid. HUGE – she couldn’t even finish it and had to take it home. She didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the rendang, but that would be hard to do. It was still quite tasty and enjoyable the next day. Same full meal deal, but no side dishes like mine. That was made up with by the sheer amount of soup.

I would (and have) recommended this place to others and I think we’ll be visiting it again sometime very soon.

Note: I don’t remember the name or address and will post it as soon as I go by and get the details.


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