beef noodles (niu rou mien)

If there is one dish that Taiwan takes to heart, it would probably be beef noodles. Now, to be fair, this is a dish that is seen as being a Taipei delicacy, but Taiwan’s not that big – there are good noodle places down here as well. The local email bulletin put us onto the place that we tried, though I’m sure there are more around – I do know of a famous one downtown that a lot of famous Taiwanese personalities have visited in their travels to Kaohsiung. We haven’t been there yet, but I hope to rectify that soon.

There’s an art to making beef noodles (isn’t there an art to everything now?) – the broth, the beef, the noodles, even the green onions – but I’m concerning myself with the main product: a bowl of noodles in a beef broth, with chunks of soft, well-cooked beef, boiled green leafy vegetables, and chopped-up fresh green onions. You can even specify the kind of noodle that you want with it – both Chris and I like the wider version. The shop was well-recommended: the broth was tasty, the beef soft and succulent, the noodles boiled just right. They serve some other dishes at the restaurant, but looking around tables while we were there, beef noodles vastly outnumbered anything else.

I’ll include directions the next time we go back, it’s tucked away and I can only remember it by going there.


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