more treats

The Taiwanese love treats and snacks.

I’ve talked about mochi (or muaji, going with pronounciation) here before, when we were in Penghu, so I won’t rehash the whole thing except to say that it’s a confection made from rice flour and usually filled with something. One of Christine’s students gave her a box of frozen, high-quality mochi, so we sat down one evening to try some.

They were all quite cold – so best eaten in the summer, I guess – and each was a distinctive flavour. The colours didn’t always make it clear what was what, so we usually didn’t know until we bit into one. There was strawberry, blueberry, taro, coconut, coffee, cherry, green tea, and red bean. Those were the ones we could identify – numerous tastes were good or OK, but we had no name to put to them, unfortunately. Some of them looked pretty nasty – like the black one with radioactive green powder on top – but none were so bad that we couldn’t finish them. Another interesting treat to check off the list.

Another treat that I’ll add here (as it doesn’t really need a post by itself) is the toast with a shape on it. A coworker actually gave me this after a student gave her a whole bunch of them. The one I got was good enough – it was cinnamon spiced, so it was just like cinnamon toast with a star on it – but she said they had a number of different flavours, like garlic bread and others. Apparently it’s a specialty from up north, which kind of makes me wonder. Toast? A specialty? I think it’s stretching it.

It did make the environmental side of me a little ticked that each piece of toast (like so much else here) was individually wrapped. They even do that with cookies sometimes – an entire package of cookies, all in individual wrappers. What a waste. But that’s another story for another time. This one’s about toast and how plainly regular it really is. The end.

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