weird cakes

You want weird cakes? Well, Taiwan has exactly what you ordered! First off, cakes are made to look good, not to taste good here. I have had decent-tasting cakes, but only because they’re things that I like – chocolate with strawberries, for example. For the most part, they taste about as good as the box they came in with a bunch of sugar added. However, they can be rather entertaining to look at.

They only use frosting – no fondant here – but they make some rather interesting designs. For example, for the hard-core partier’s birthday, why not get them a beer cake? A package of cigarettes may also play well, though I’d avoid it for celebrating a cold turkey anniversary.

The fashionista’s party won’t be complete until she has the Louis Vuitton handbag cake sitting on her table. Want to give what everyone really wants? Give a money cake! Want to impress your son’s friends? How about a cake in the shape of rhino beetle (this is actually quite a popular thing here, so it makes sense in that way). And, of course, who wouldn’t want a cake shaped like a giant cartoon dog turd to celebrate the day of their birth.

Why they have these weird desires, I don’t know. I want to order at least one to take a picture and send it to Cakewrecks, only they’re not wrecks – they’re actually quite well done! Too bad they don’t taste as good as they look.


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