make a run…for the market

One Friday night, we decided to go to a traditional food market (read: a food market that sells traditional foods) that Christine’s cooking ‘teacher’/friend recommended. It’s only a little north of our old apartment, so we were roughly familiar with where it was supposed to be, but we had never been there. Well, we landed and took a walking tour before we started buying. To be honest, it wasn’t that different from other markets, though it seemed much more of a business food market and less of an entertainment food market – the kind of place where people would pick up either things to prepare meals for their families or already-prepared food to take home for their families (or to eat there), rather than the snack foods that one might find at other markets. Here’s what we picked up for dinner that night:

  • kimchi – spiced, pickled Korean cabbage – I enjoy it, Chris does not
  • beef rolls – delicious burrito-shaped creations, with beef, sauce, and sometimes veggies in the kind of fried bread/pancake/dough that they also use for green onion pancakes. These are always a treat and I was happy to have them that night.
  • steamed dim sum – I believe that’s what they were, though I’ve never officially been told what to call them. A mixture of rice flour, meats, and who-knows-what, all out on display. You can choose what you want to take away. They were pretty good.
  • Shanghai-spiced chicken salad – definitely the winner of the night. Like a yummy chicken salad from home, with a special sauce of variable spiciness (you could choose). I wish this stand was closer to my house because if it were, I would probably make these a near-daily treat.
  • fried rice – we figured we might as well pick up the old classic. Rice, veggies, shrimp, egg – it was all there.
  • fruit smoothies – we actually got these on the way home, but you have to have something to drink with all this, right?

It was a very happy night. Everything was consumed, surprisingly, and we sat around happily reminiscing about what we had just eaten afterwards. Total cost? Around 350NT – not more than $15US. A very good night.

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