malaysia: i’m a nasi boy

Nasi means rice in Malay. Like the noodles, it can come in a variety of styles.

Nasi goreng is simple fried rice. On the island, this seemed much more puffier than fried rice back in Taiwan, with nice, crispy vegetables that weren’t overcooked. I don’t know if everyone does this, but it certainly was nice at the place we had it.

Nasi pataya was rice fried with soy sauce (and possibly other things), covered with a fried egg with the yolk broken.

Nasi kampung is different from mee kampung – the rice was not cooked in a soy-based sauce, but it was spicy and had little sardines in it, creating a salty, spicy, fishy taste. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t know if I’d order it again. I had bigger favourites on the menu. This is the one pictured to the left.

I don’t have many pictures of rice, as we didn’t order it too much. I guess that makes the title a lie. Frankly, we both preferred the way the Malaysians cooked their noodles. ‘Salright, though – fried rice is fried rice, right?


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