malaysia: samosas

Remember empanadas? Mmmm, I sure do. Imagine my surprise when we stepped out of our hostel to find wee little delicious fried pastries that suspiciously resembled empanadas on a nearby cart! I immediately picked up a couple and bit into one, discovering curried potatoes and vegetables inside. It only later struck us – duh! – that these were samosas. I guess we were accustomed to the more North American-presented triagle shape. These were fantastic, though. You can find them at almost any market or bus station, and they fill the hunger gap quite easily between meals.

The things in the background are other fried things at this stand.

2 responses to “malaysia: samosas

  1. This post made me laugh! I love samosas (they are very common in England and in different shapes).

    But I did not know the mighty empanada before my travels in Argentina! Desayuno de Reyes!! Comida de campiones!!

    Your blog has made me hungry, I could murder a samosa now!

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