penghu: fresh fish dinner

We did visit a fish restaurant while on Penghu – it’s already a crime that we don’t each fish very often in Taiwan, it would seem unholy not to do it on Penghu. It’s the same setup as in Kaohsiung, or anywhere in Taiwan, really – you look at the fish in the tanks outside of the restaurant and choose what you’d like to eat. They smash its head with a hammer, cook it up, and serve it to you. Ta-da! I don’t know what kind of fish we ordered, but it came the Taiwanese way – steamed with lots of green onions. They certainly know how to treat their fish. We also had a plateful of delicious, huge prawns (though, in holding with shrimp here, they were whole – sort of a u-peel kind of deal). Add in a tall, cold beer and plate of kong xin tsai (empty heart vegetable, better known as morning glory), and you’ve got a delicious Penghu dinner.

Incidentally, dried fish are another big-name item from Penghu that mainlanders like to purchase as souvenirs. Dried squid, dried fish, and fish candy (yes, it does taste horrible, exactly as you think it might) are bought by the box and shipped or flown back home to be given away as presents. This was one tradition that we did not indulge in. Both of us have seen and smelled too much dried fish (plus, we just don’t like it).


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