magnificent malaysian meals of fruit

Time for more fruit! Some of these I’ve tried before and not blogged, some are new to me. Here we go!

Snake fruit is a big of a strange one. We saw this last time in Indonesia, while we were exploring Sumatra. They really do look like a snake’s skin on the outside, and the fruit inside is a pale golden colour. I’m not a big fan of this fruit, as it always tastes like it’s started fermenting. It’s quite firm, almost crunchy, a little bit like an Asian pear, but not quite so apple-like. I probably won’t try this again.

The tiny oranges here taste more or less like real oranges (though quite sweet), but they’re just so small and cute that I had to post them. Really easy to peel, we went through a bag of these for breakfast one morning. The pieces were half the size of your pinky. Wonderful.

Mangosteens are possibly my favourite fruit. I’ve been entranced by them since I first saw them on a fruit poster in my classroom when I first came to Taiwan. Purple fruit does that to me: that shade in fruit always means tasty to me (saskatoonberries and blueberries spring to mind). I can’t remember if we tried this before when we were traveling in SE Asia, but if so, I fell in love again. The purple skin is a bit of a lie – the fruit inside is a very pure white. The texture is really soft and….stringy, I guess, but not in a bad way. Fibrous, maybe, but not too much to make it unpleasant to eat, more just that it’s a very cohesive fruit. The taste is sweet, rather like nectar, but not sickly-sweet, just in a natural, fruity kind of way. Yes, I do believe it’s my new favourite.

Lastly, the tiny bananas. They’re local – all the supermarkets have larger bananas grown in China, of all places – and quite sweet again (yay Malaysia and its sweet fruit!). I ate of bunch of these at breakfast one bad (don’t worry, no stomach problems for me!) and even Chris had a few.

I wish I could stay here longer – Malaysia’s spread of tropical fruit is even better than Taiwan’s! Long live delicious fruit, that’s my new battle cry.


One response to “magnificent malaysian meals of fruit

  1. Try Salak in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta City (in Java Island) which is the real origin of Salak then you will be a fan of them 😉

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