malaysia – banana leaf goodness

Our last meal in Malaysia was at a restaurant we had forgotten about when we first landed and nearly forgot about when we returned – the banana leaf restaurant. There are actually quite a few of this type of restaurant, but we have one that we visited a couple of times last time we went through and Christine visited on her first visit here around five years ago. As the name may imply, you are given a banana leaf as a plate and various vegetarian selections are spooned onto it. (You can also order meat dishes, but with such a good veggie selection, we went with the basic choice). There were poppadums with a dried, salty chili pepper, a couple of types of chutney, an eggplant dish, something with potatoes, something made with a kind of leaf (yeah, accurate, right?), some kind of soupy thing up in the corner that was pretty plain, and daal on the rice.

They were all pretty good, though I’m a sucker for eggplants. The best part about it, though, is eating with your hands. Only the right – I think you’ve heard what the left is traditionally used for (if not, it’s too dirty to use your left hand afterward, believe me). I quite enjoy eating with my hands, scooping up a bit of rice and taking some veggies with it for a satisfying mouthful. Christine loved it as well.

The only thing that could top this fantastic dinner was a yogurt lassi, so we ordered one. Two, actually – one during the meal, one after. They’re just so darn good. Sitting with a full belly and drinking a delicious mango lassi at the end of a hot day sits near the top of my highlight list of the trip, a trip filled with beaches and diving, so imagine how good it must be! I’d highly recommend this place to anyone visiting KL – Govinda’s Banana Leaf is the name, if I remember correctly. Go forth and eat like man was born to!


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