different teas

There’s a lot of non-caffeinated tea here, a fact that makes Chris pretty happy. Of course, you can get the caffeinated stuff pretty much everywhere – Lipton is the brand of choice for most places – but cinnamon tea makes an appearance on almost as many menus. Anise tea is available in supermarkets and some ahwas (coffeeshops), while caraway and mint we’ve seen only in supermarkets. As a side note, the regular tea (shai, as it’s called here) is often served with a sprig of mint in it, which is a great way to make a cup of tea really refreshing, especially when you’re drinking it in hot weather. Lastly, karkade is a “tea” made with hibiscus flowers that is awesome with sugar and super-awesome with ice. It’s also very red and unmistakeable, and even comes in a soda flavour as well, due to its popularity.


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