New entry in interesting animals eaten: pigeon. Haman is a very traditional dish in Egypt, with dovecoats being part of structures for at least hundreds, if not thousands, of years. We stopped by a Lonely Planet-recommended restaurant for their version – it was full of Egyptians dining on pigeon, obviously a good place to sample. It was so busy, in fact, we had to get ours to go and take it home. Not a lot of meat on the bird, and what was there tasted like chicken, but it was stuffed full of spiced rice, which was quite good. I ate most of mine with my hands, making it a messy meal, but it was fun. I like eating with my hands. It also came with salad and tahini and bread. Not a bad meal!


One response to “haman

  1. it is called “Hamam” not “Haman” 🙂

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