i have to go to the toilet (restaurant)

Only in Taiwan! This was one of our favourite “look at this!” restaurants in Kaohsiung. We had visited this on our first time here in Taiwan and revisited it this time around again. The food is OK, but the real fun is the fact that everything is bathroom related. Ice cream that looks like poo, main courses served in small toilets, and drinks brought to you in a take-home urinal container. It’s a spillover from Japanese culture – I’m told that the word in Japansese for poo sounds like the word for good luck. ???

Anyway, this treasure is kinda gross, but it’s very Taiwanese. Even the decor reflects the theme: the seats are toilets, the tables are bathtubs with acrylic glass on them, and there used to be a stick-your-head-in-the-head-place photo of a boy taking a poo. They also sell poo-themed candies, keychains, utensils – all sorts of fun stuff to send to your friends or enjoy in your own home.

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