sweet egyptian desserts, part II

We returned to Sofra for their dessert tray. I enjoyed it more than Christine – she was expecting more, especially having tried some of them at bakeries. I thought they were pretty good, though a little small. I don’t remember which one is which, but I can sum up the contents. One, of course, was baklava, and was well-done, as I would have expected. One seemed to have fig in it (the dark one – quite tasty), while another seemed to be made with a kind of cornmeal and honey – it had a grainy texture and a very sweet taste. There was a kind of cake with a hardened apricot/orange syrup that I rather enjoyed but Chris found dry. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the others, though I do remember that that’s watermelon between the desserts.

The pleasant surprise was the drink that we ordered to accompany it. Sahlab, according to our guide, is made with semolina powder, milk, and chopped nuts, though the menu here said that it was made from orchids. Either way, it was wonderful. Warm and smooth, it had a very delicate taste here, one I would associate with orchids. The peanuts (I believe) on top were a nice addition as well.


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