Tea. Possibly one of the things I’ll miss the most about Taiwan. There are about six hundred tea stands per person on the island, or so it seems at time, and they all have a large selection of teas for you: milk tea, green tea, red tea, oolong tea, flower tea, fruit tea, barley tea, and many combinations of each. My favourite is green tea with lemon juice and a bit of sugar. You can also get it with different kinds of jelly or the now-famous bubbles (called black pearls in Chinese) of tapioca. The black pearl tea is a great way to fill up if you’re hungry midday; it’s like a snack in a cup. Tea is generally availablein 700mL cups, though in the last six months, most stands have made a one litre option available. It’s a lot of tea, but nice to have on a hot day. Pictured is a cup of chocolate milk tea.

Here’s something that sounds like an abomination: beer & green tea. However, it depends on how you do it. The wrong way is to go to 7-11 and pick up a can of beer flavour green tea. It tastes worse than it sounds. Absolutely horrible. If you go to the night market, there is hope. You can get a beer and a green tea combination in a cup – no flavouring, but the real stuff. It’s not as terrible as you might think, though if you’re a beer purist or not an experimental drinker, I’d probably warn you away from this. Either way, I think I’ll continue to keep them separate.


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