sweet egyptian desserts, part iii

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of anything and didn’t make any note, so I’m just going to post pictures of these delicious creations and make comments from what I remember. More careful documentation will be done in Jordan, as they appear.

That’s coconut on filo dough pie in the corner, and it’s as awesome as it sounds. The others are a type of shredded-wheat-like dough used in a lot of pastries here.

The roll on the right is like apricot Fruit Roll-up with coconut in the middle. Again, as awesome as it sounds. The rest is filo dough and shredded-wheat dough stuff like above.

I remember that the cookie was rather dry, though it had pistachios in it, and the light coloured stick had fig in the middle.

Delicious filo dough sweets in the window.

Some kind of cakey confection. It may be the cornmeal-like cake I mentioned in the dessert post from Luxor, but that’s unconfirmed. Your choice – pistachios or chocolate on top!


One response to “sweet egyptian desserts, part iii

  1. i am egyptian and i’d like to tell you the names:
    figure1>>> the filo dough pie in the corner is called “Oush el bolbol baklava” and it means “bird’s nest baklava”
    the others in the same picture are called “konafa borma” & it means “twisted konafa” …. the shredded-wheat-like dough mainly called “konafa” & any thing made of this dough is called “konafa”

    figure 2 >>> The roll on the right ; i don’t think it is like apricot Fruit at all but i am not sure about it.
    The rest is konafa &the filo dough is called “white baklava”

    figure3>>> the disk on the lift corner is called “quras” , the middle one is called “ka’b el ghzal” stuffed with “malban” and the third is “ka’b el ghzal ” stuffed with “dates” not “fig”

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