drinking in jordan

Non-alcoholic drinks, mind you. There is beer here, but really, do you think that the beer would be good in an Islamic country? The answer should be no.

However, that didn’t stop us from having tasty drinks here. The first is hot milk custard. This was the first thing we had upon entering Amman, as it was chilly outside and the stand was just across the street. It had a thick creamy texture to it (well, like a thin custard) and was topped with loads of cinnamon and coconut and tasted like a dream. We kept intending to go back and get more, as it was so good, but it warmed up starting that day so we never found an excuse to, unfortunately.

The other discussion item is the juice. There are juice stands every couple of blocks and while they don’t fully fill the juice hole left by our Taiwanese juice stands, they made a decent (though slightly expensive) glass of juice. I had fresh-squeezed orange, as the oranges are so sweet and delicious here, and Christine enjoyed a glass of date juice, which I have to say was quite tasty.


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