they eat all of the goat

We visited a little restaurant tonight that dealt in local specialties. Chris ordered the local version of baba ghanoush, known as moutabal, which was only mediocre compared to Egypt’s killer version. I went for the very special local specialty – boiled goat’s head. Due to the graphic nature of the pictures, I’m only posting links to them – before and after. Seriously, even Chris didn’t really like looking at them during and after dinner.

The meat was not nearly as good as the mensaf – it was little rubbery, and the cheeks were a little strange. The tongue was rather tasty. To be honest, it wasn’t all that filling – goat’s head does not have a lot of meat. Why anyone would order this except as a fun experiment (outside of old times when you ate everything because you had to) is a little beyond me. Maybe people who developed the taste when they were young and never lost it. Well, I’ve tried this anything once so that you don’t have to.


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