snacks in jordan

Snacks are always interesting in any country, and Jordan is no exception. Of course the international constant of chips and such were available – no fun flavours here – but Jordan seemed to have a decent selection of healthy choices. The first one I picked up were these chickpea-shaped things that, when I asked, the guy said were called hummus. I still have no idea what they were exactly, but they were tasty. I liked opening them – if you squeeze them, they would open with a POP sound, like a cap gun.

Green almonds required a bit of a search, as no one knew the English name. I took the Arabic name (lawz, though that wasn’t how I spelled it in my mind) and googled around until I found something. These fuzzy green guys are all over and are eaten skin and all. They’ve definitely got a crunch to them, but as they’re young, they’re edible the whole way through. The centre almost a little juicy, like a lemon, but the whole thing is pretty sour. I enjoy them quite a bit, but they’re too sour for Chris. I’ve been told since trying them that adding a bit of salt makes them even better, but I haven’t had the chance to combine the two yet. I still pick them up now and then; I really like them.

Lastly, here and there were guys selling little bars wrapped in plastic. In Taiwan there were puffed rice or black sesame bars, but here they have what’s local: coconut, pistachio, and sesame. I LOVED them (you could also get two-part combos) and wished that we hadn’t waited on these pieces of tasty gold until our last day in Jordan. If I could eat coconut bars for the rest of my life, I would definitely do it.

I’m looking forward to more interesting snacks.

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