The first food we had in Turkey came from a guy yelling at us. We’d both seen Turkish ice cream vendors in Taiwan, spinning their super-thick ice cream around and making noise in markets. Through a process I have not researched myself, Turkish ice cream is made much thicker than normal ice cream, so thick that the people making and selling it pry it out of its metal container using long forks, flip it around in the air, and plunk it back down. That’s thick. They make quite the show doing it – that’s half of the point of Turkish ice cream, I think – but the ice cream itself tastes different. It has a kind of gelatinous quality to it. I only had it once in Taiwan, but Christine tried it a few times (and she’s an ice cream expert as well), but she said the gelatinous quality here is different than the one in Taiwan – more pleasant and agreeable. We had a chocolate strawberry mix with, of course, pistachio nuts sprinkled all over. It was pretty tasty, but almost gummy. No problems with this melting off your cone! Tasty, but I think one was enough. There’s baklava to be eaten in this country.


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