contest doritos

In our continuing search for new food, we have to consider all possible sources of culinary comestibles, and for this entry, that means Doritos. It’s not like it’s an untouched subject here – recall the horrible salmon-flavoured Christmas trees – but for once, Doritos made me happy. They seem to be having a competition for new flavours here in Turkey – forgive me, my contest Turkish is not up to snuff – with three potential, and very Turkish, flavours: olive, yogurt and mint, and a simple tomato and onion salad that tastes remarkably like salsa. In the name of research, we picked up all three and chowed down.

The olive is quite sassy on the tongue and pleasurable. This was Chris’s favourite, but she loves olives, so that’s not a surpise. I liked it a lot, too – the bag disappeared quite quickly.

Yogurt and mint dips can be found almost anywhere in the country – yogurt being served on the side with many meals here – but the chips don’t do the dips justice. I still enjoyed this flavour, as I love anything remotely yogurty, but Chris gave it a distinct meh. The mint was non-existent, but it doesn’t make a big impact in the dips, either.

Lastly, the tomato and onion salad was another treat. Rather more piquant than most salsas, this translated well into chips, taking the sharp, noticable notes from both ingredients and some of the spices in it. Bravo, articifial taste creator in charge here!

I’ll keep you updated if we hear about a winner.


One response to “contest doritos

  1. hi! do you know if an non turkish can participate in this contest? I’m from mexico and there was also a contest here… fortunately we are in the final 20, thanks!

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