turkish fruit

Two new ones, at least for us. First up is called erik – sour green plums. These bad boys are super-crunchy and super-sour, so much so that Chris has eaten exactly one of them. I like them alright, though they don’t have that redeeming aftertaste that sour fruit usually has. In Bursa, there was no seed (or it was young enough to be edible), but later on, I had it with an inedible seed. Either way, they make a cheap, healthy snack.

Loquats are a fruit that I had heard of before – they are grown in Taiwan – but had never tasted. They were all over the place in Kaş, growing on trees in every second yard and available for sale at any market or bus station. To me, they tasted what the love child of a lemon and a mango would taste like – slightly tart, really juicy, and very rich. I ate around a kilo of these in the space of a couple of days, they’re just so good and so easy to eat. They’re not related to kumquats, though both get their English names from their Chinese monikers. If you have the chance to eat some local loquats, be sure to take advantage of it!

2 responses to “turkish fruit

  1. necesito saver donde puedo encontrar un comprador de fruta chilena

  2. I am peruvian, and this fruit, too, can be found in Peru. When I was about 17 years old, we moved to a new home in Lima and my mother planted a loquat tree ( called “níspero” in Peru) I still remember eating this fruit every year!

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