kebap file: adana kebap

We came, we saw, we ate in the bus station. That was our experience with the Adana kebap, one of the other famous types of kebap in the nation. I wish we had had time to go into the city and find a proper place to experience this variation on the almighty kebap, but a couple of hours between buses on our way to Gaziantep limited our options rather severly.

Adana is the gateway into the spicy southeast, home of the pistachios, chili peppers, and the Kurdish rebellion. Does the spiciness of the food get in the blood? Not that we could see, everyone here is so wonderfully friendly. Yet the spice remains. The Adana kebap is a skewer of meat, liberally spiced with the spicy red chili pepper of the region, and grilled to perfection. Served with the typical peppers, tomatoes, parsley, onion-and-sumac salad, lemon, and flatbread, it’s a make-your-own-wrap-lover’s delight. The spice is palpable, it’s definitely not there just for decoration. It wasn’t long before our plates were empty of meat and we were sipping tea, reflecting on kebaps past and kebaps to come.

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