lentil soup

The lentil soup is a staple here, usually a fairly simple concoction with a few spices, just note at the top of every menu. We’ve had so much of it here, however, that I feel the need to make a note myself of it. Chris especially loves it, and, as it’s usually served with fresh bread, I’ve ordered it more than a few times myself. This is one fun part about traveling a country: seeing how one dish can vary within borders. We’ve had it plain as day, spicy with dried chili pepper (in the southeast), cooling with mint (in Sivas), salty as a big bowl of salt (numerous places, unfortunately), and lumpy with lentils or smooth as silk. It’s a nice light lunch, as soup always is, and when we first arrived, with the chills of winter just starting to shake themselves off, it was often a great way to warm a body up after the sun had gone down. It’s a nice, simple dish I’m sure we’ll be taking with us when we leave.


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